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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Birthday of 2013

Born as an Archer with the legs of a horse on a Sunday sitting on a Jupiter, I knew that it was a Special Sunday with December 8 and Sunday falling on the same line .
I woke up by my sweet sis' Rezie Wahengbam Call wishing me with an apology that she wasn't allowed to use the phone in her hostel to call me at midnight.
It was early in the morning 6 O'clock perhaps, I start strolling on the road in Vijaynagar all alone. It seems to me that my soft corner which was asleep for a long time has just woke up. I begin to see the way the newspaper waala accurately hurls his newspaper on each doors even if its 4th floor. I begin to see the way the street cows live in the mercy of the old guy who comes with chapatis in a scooter early in the morning.
I went to Brook Lyns place and asked him to join me for a warm cup of tea at Patel chest. There, I saw this Hyna(Inset pic) without one leg waking up early and flying around to pick up the remains of crumbled puris from the tea stall. I noticed she was healthier than the other lazy hynas with both legs.
There , while having tea we fixed the appoinment to visit an Orphanage with eatables at Civil Lines. I was shocked when I was strictly advised to bring anything but not sweet cakes for the children. The sisters in the orphanage were sure that the children will cry for the same type of cake the next day if they are made to know the taste.
The thought of whether the Children will be happy to see us without sweet cake troubled my mind. I was also sad with the thought whether they won't be able to taste sweet cakes for life. Thinking all this, I moved to DBF Church for Sunday Service. Exalted singing the Gospel with Danny Khawas with the line " Beautiful one I Love, Beautiful One I adhore, beautiful one my soul must sing " and Pastor Ranjit Davids preaching on Kingdom.
The time had come for us to visit the Orphange. All thanks to my fellas Babina Chabungbamand Brooklyn to accompany me. I was moved by the way the children were excited seeing the balloons we took, apart from the eatables. I still remember that little gal who kissed me on my cheek after having sung a birthday song for me. It was hard to say good bye.
Evening sets in with the calls of my frenz families getting ready for the Birthday Dinner. I can't forget the support of my Konsam sisters che Biseswari Konsam and others. da Basanta Meitei My Pirates fellas... My four formidable roomie bros ... not to forget the cake of our sweet neighbours 
Ranging from the beautiful post of Ishita Gupta n Manisha Singh n Akshita Agarwal and quite heart touching message of Bhuvana Jagan.. Calls of Maayaas Pradhan sis Bhanisana Rajkumari fella Monica Thoudam Bem Sinam Rahul Ningthoujam ... Manas Mohapatra late post... gifts... cards.. and many more..ritika..angel.. niru... n uncountable inbox, whatsapp and messages. Apologies if I haven't replied you individually. I had one of the best Birthdays.
THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH ME. I am really lucky to have met you all in this short life.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The RickShaw Waala of My College

I met a rickshaw walla who was shouting " Kahi bhi jawo, Dash rupeye sawari ! Dash rupeye sawari ! " near the Batra Cinema Hall.
Me " Bhai, Ek din lag bag kitna kamate ho ? "
Rickshaw Walla " Bhai Saab, Ek Soh !!! Der Soh kabi kabaar !!! Bahoot Kathin hogaya aaj kal"
Me " College ke saamne aa jawo, guarantee karta hoon... ek din main kam se kam paanch soh kamawonge "
I have been seeing this rickshaw in front of my college for the last 2 months to greet me with a smile.
*feeling happy with this small achievement !
Give a man a fish, You feed him for a day ! Teach a man how to fish, You feed him for life 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Manipur Police, Are you street porn downloaders ?

During this summer vacation, I and Hemanta with few of our Delhi University mates under the name of a group called Eager Young Minds have been conducting Science tricks and Magic Shows to desiminate the fun of Science to all the school going students in Manipur investing money from our meagre pocket money with a hope to bring out the scientists in them as was trained to us by the scientists at Bose Institute, Kolkata.

Day before yesterday, after having invited Aditya who lives in Kongpal Kshetri Leikai to join us for the Science Show the next day at Manipur Science Centre, I and Hemanta were returning home at around 5:30 pm in the evening. We were suddenly stopped by a gang of 3 commandos (indicated by their caps) near the Porompat Water supply area with the question “Is your gari Yamaha?". I was perplexed whether they were telling us that we were speeding like a Yamaha bike and looked keenly on them not knowing what to say. In my mind, I was thinking that the speed we were driving was fairly slow and indeed it was. Suddenly, Hemanta replied ‘Yes, it is a scooter made by Yamaha Company!." Then they started checking our bags. There were clothes inside. One of them asked why there were clothes inside the bag to which I had no answer again.

They told us to take out our mobile phones. I don’t know who has given them permission to infringe to someone’s privacy in the manner done to some crime suspects. I was feeling uncomfortable by then already. I waited patiently to watch the whole drama. Nothing happened yet!!!

After that we were asked to bring out the driving and vehicular license. I was again surprised whether they are some traffic police or has our vehicle been booked for some crime in the past. Nevertheless Hemanta showed his driving license and as ill luck would have it, the vehicular license (smart card) was forgotten along with his wallet at home. Then Hemanta tried calling home to bring the smart card license in which our phones were confiscated and kept aside with a warning never to call anyone.

The next turn of incident was to park our vehicle in a corner and one of them taking the vehicle key. They threatened that we would be taken to the DC if we don’t give some money to them. We agreed to meet the DC knowing the fact that they don’t have the authority to issue any TR (Traffic Records) Challan. We waited for 2 long hours never to be taken to the DC.

Vehicle key confiscated, phones not allowed to be touched and it was getting really dark…must be around 8 pm. One mildly spoken Commando among them came near us, asked about our family background and started telling us about the crimes in Manipur and the way in which we could be killed in a fake encounter. The second story was how they do their duty standing in the sun checking everyone for the whole day,telling that they need some money to have something. Next, he took out his mobile and showed us the local porn videos they caught from the public. By then, we start to understand why they checked our phones.

To him, it seems we have all the patience to hear all his crap. Then, I suddenly proclaimed to pay whatever fine the Govt. has established if they show us the concerned authority letter with the amount of fine. In this, one of them threatened us to roll on the road naked. I was furious already with a doubt in my mind whether they are VDF( Village Defence Force) or Real Commandos. Again Porompat is not a village afterall and they weren't with 303 rifle which VDFs usually hold but some other SLR ( Single Loading Rifle). Without thinking much of the consequence, I questioned their identity as they don't have any name plate on the chest or shoulder tag though all have a Commando cap with one of them having a MP (Manipur Police) shoulder tag. In this, One tried to slap me and said I would be a dead meat already if it were some other commandos. Hemanta was trying to calm me down. I stood firmly never to pay them any money if they aren't issuing us a challan by telling the fact that we ll be haulted by some other group in the same manner after few distance if we don't show them the challan. I was keen on meeting the DC to put down my grievances.

By then, it was 9 pm already. Hemanta Phurailatpam was constantly reminding me that we are having a big day the next day and we don't have enough time to waste around as we gotta prepare for it. He started negotiating to pay few amount while I was looking at the triggers of the guns. I have already decided to snatch and shoot them before any untoward incident is about to occur. Better become a criminal than to come out in the morning news as a dead meat with a fake encounter tag over my forehead, I thought. Hemanta dragged me and we drove off after the ordeal.

If there is any sincere Police officer in the state hearing me out there, what I want to conclude is that a student who has come for vacation back to the state just to give some community service could have become an item of the morning news or a criminal overnight if these behaviours of your boys continue. If they are VDFs, these Govt. approved professional goons is a disgrace to the Commandos too because they are using your caps. Here I want to ask few questions : Does the Department is short of dress for them(some of them with no name plate or shoulder tag) ? or hasn't it specify their duty (some of them performing traffic police duty with no challan) ? or is there no one in the department to keep a check on their rampage? Are they porn video downloader the department has sent out on the street because there is no good 3G service in Imphal or are they so poor to buy a data plan ( some of them keeping the caught videos on their own phones)? Has the Department not pay them enough because they spoke in such a way they never had a full stomach before we drove off (Noi dada singgi chana thaknaba khara touramadi ngasaaina thadokpi yaabni) ?

Keeping aside the feeling of being secured of having them, they have created more inconveniences. The incident has shocked me and put me in a sour mood the rest of the day. But the Porompat incident definitely left a huge scar on my faith in Manipur Police. And that puts me in a quandry because I don't know what to do now- Shall I file a complaint the consequence of which will be useless as I am just a student busy with this Science project or Will booking an FIR teach a lesson to other policemen or shall I just ignore it knowing nothing will ever happen again? And then wait for some girl or a poor guy to be a victim may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow?

Thinking about it for some time, I now know exactly what I must do. Let's do away with all the anger and hurt and pain. Let's reconcile doing it the Norwegian way, the way Kima did in Mumbai.

So here is me, Rocky sending out this open letter to those 3 street smart VDF( acting commandos) to cordially invite you for a lunch(to fill your stomachs full atleast) and discuss about this issue. I really want to tell you how many manipuris are trying hard to bring the standard of its people at par with other states. I want to explain how that simple incident can turn into something unwanted ( for both parties) if you happen to meet another more furious Rocky with no friend to calm down. I really want to tell you how your acts are detrimental to the youths who want to come back and serve the society. I want to explain you why many brainy wizards have settled down outside the state and never to come back again. Let's sit to prevent that, shall we ? Peace.

I know this invitation may not even reach the eyes of your hundredth cousin because I am just a speck in this jungle of bigger chaos and lawlessness, but atleast this soul is willing to give it a try. And knowing I tried will at least make me sleep better tonight as i wasn't able to, the past two nights. 

For details : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=579428132109307&set=a.291569010895222.86111.100001263765209&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Fscontent-b-sin.xx.fbcdn.net%2Fhphotos-xfa1%2Fv%2Ft1.0-9%2F1005290_579428132109307_314575639_n.jpg%3Foh%3D5306b6d77263793bc8c4878eaca4b53d%26oe%3D550AF907&size=640%2C640

Saturday, 13 April 2013


A Perfect Living Example of using facebook for good cause..

Saw patients dying before they reach the hospital because of no roads...
Wanted to build a 100 km road which was pending for the last 30 years...
Didn't want to follow the usual trend of taking down Govt. Projects which take centuries to get implemented...
Collected funds from well-wishers worldwide creating a Group in facebook...

Thereby leaves a mark in the history of Manipur of having constructed a 100 km road without Govt. aid...IAS Amstrong Pame >> Salute<<

Someone inside the Govt. who has to work outside its realm to get things done, leaves a BIG question to the system and how it works !!!

For Details : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=538317516220369&set=a.291569010895222.86111.100001263765209&type=3&theater

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

With a Childhood Hero

Growing up from a Military School, I always had a fascination of the Defence Chiefs of the Country.  Well, an Arunachali would easily identify his red and black striped waist Coat. This Particular General Who inspired me was the way in which he built his life in such a manner that he is proud to present it in front of everyone in his beautiful autobiography called a Soldier’s General.

He is non-other than his Excellency General J J Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, the first Sikh to head the army  serving as the Governor Of Arunachal Pradesh

Lucky was I to be invited to escort him in his Book Signing Session of his Autobiography “ A Soldier’s General” wherein I got to talk to him for about 3 hours. I was overwhelmed in the way he held up North-East India in his words  The Gateway to the Pan South-East Asia.
I cannot forget the moment he scolded his gaurds who were pushing the crowd to make the way for the General. His words “ Kisi Ko Haat Mat Lagana “ touched me in the way this General deals with common people.

Sharing his personal life to me, he said
 “ Rocky, I am worried about Your Junior”
“My Junior, Who? Sir “

“Arey, James Kalengto of Sainik School Pungalwa, Please tell him to study Hard”
I was impressed in the way he also wants to be a good father to his son amidst his towering schedules.

Well, This James, A naga Orphan adopted by this General is loved by him more than his blooded son.

In my stay with him for 3 hours, He was sharing the achievements of North-East India to whomsoever he met. He also narrated why he is chosen to represent India in the ASEAN Conference and how North-East plays an important role for India to be a part of ASEAN

Sunday, 17 March 2013


If You are against Violation of Basic Human Rights...

If You truly respect a true Gandhian who was Charged "Attempt To Suicide" ...

If You think this AFSPA is a Colonial Draconian Law which diminished Your Pride for India...

Monday, 25 February 2013



If You also wanna taste the Mouth watering Cuisines of North-East and see its Arts n Crafts Exhibition along with multifarious Cultural shows. 

It will happen only in the NORTH EAST FESTIVAL '13 HINDU COLLEGE

NE'Tym - 2013 - Highlights of the Event.
From 10:00AM 25th feb 2013
- Inauguration Ceremony - Chief Guest: Arnab Goswami (Editor-In-Chief, Times Now)
- National Seminar on “Mainstreaming the North East”
Panellists: MA Shikandar, Director NBT; Robin Hibu IPS, Joint Comissioner Delhi Police; Maharaja Pradyot Deb Barma
- Brainwiz 2013 (Open Quiz)
- Art and Music Carnival, Inauguration by Smt. Binalakshmi Nepram. Founder, Arms Control Foundation of India.
- NE centred exhibitions: Food, Handicrafts and Tourism Booths.
- Performances by bands of NE students.
- Movie screening.
- Main Event - Cultural Programmes.
- Concert of Star performance - Alobo Naga (Winners of MTV Europe Music Awards, 2012 as Best Indian Act)
- Closing Ceremony.

Please tag, share n invite as many frenz as possible

The Country's Best Media will be Covering this Discussion... Don't miss it... n Voice your Opinion.

Catch the chance to Speak to 

Arnab Goswami : Editor-in Chief Times Now and Alumni Hindu College

Binalakshmi Nepram CNN IBN Indian Of the Year 2012

King of Tripura: Maharaja Pradyot Deb Burman, Leader of Youth Congress and Editor-in Chief North East Today

Ranging from a mind-blowing discussion with Arnab Goswami, Eche Binalakshmi Nepram and Maharaja Padyut Deb Barma... The tasty north east Cuisines, The Art n Crafts stalls... The mesmerising Cultural dances and the elegant Cultural Parade of the Seven Sisters... n Lastly the Alobo Naga Band.

Phewww... at last we did it... I extend my humble gratitude to all the well-wishers who made this a Grand success in turning it into the Best North East Festival In entire Delhi University. Well, I thank my entire team of Hindu College North East Society. WE DID IT !!!!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Virgin Tree of Hindu College

With a Single Kick, Blasted the Hindu's Valentine Day Celebration ... with it goes the Virginity of the Hindu's Legendary Virgin Tree. 
Happy Valentine to all Couple n Happy Single's Day to all Single

For Details : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=512544825464305&set=a.291569010895222.86111.100001263765209&type=3&theater

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

With Ruskin Bond

From the Jungle of Kumoan in the Himalayas... Let me present you the childrens' greatest story teller of all times... Mr. Bond

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

With my University VC

Well, Once I was amazed thinking How my Hindu Principal manage to run the big College n teach Physics at the same time...
Today, I am not amazed by that anymore when I met this nearly 7 feet tall Boss managing 80+ Colleges of Delhi University who would spend all his precious time for an unknown student from the far-east.  
A Jubilant Moment with Prof. Dinesh Singh, Vice Chancellor of DU.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


For all those possessive fellas...


"Once upon a time there was a bird, adorned with two perfect wings and glossy, colorful, marvelous feather, a creature made to fly about freely in the sky, bringing joy to everyone.

One day a man saw the bird and fell in love with her. He watched her flight, her mouth wide in amazement, heart pounding, eyes shinning with excitement. He invited the bird to fly with him and the two traveled across the sky in perfect harmony.

But then he thought: she might want to visit far-off mountains! And he was afraid he would never feel the same way about any other bird. And he felt envy, envy for the bird’s ability to fly. He felt alone and he decided to trap the bird, so that she will never leave again.

The bird, also in love with him, returned the following day, fell into the trap and put in a cage.

He looked at the bird everyday. There she was, the object of his possession, and he showed her to his friends, who said: ‘Now you have everything you could possibly want’. However a strange transformation began to take place: now that he had the bird and no longer needed to woo her, he began to lose interest. The bird, unable to fly and express the true meaning of her life, began to waste away and her feathers lose their gloss; she grew ugly; and the man no longer paid him any attention, except by feeding her and cleaning her cage.

One day, the bird died. The man felt terribly sad and spent all his time thinking about her. But he did not remember the cage, he thought only of the day when he seen him for the first time, flying contentedly amongst the clouds. He had never realized that what had thrilled him about the bird was her freedom, the energy of it’s wings in motion, not her physical body." Courtesy : Paulo

This is the general way of looking at romantic love. When you love someone, you want all the commitment in this world that she would never leave you, will always be there for you with her physical presence. In another words, you want to own the person you love, you want to possess her. You feel jealous if you find her giving her attention towards someone else. You bring the so special feelings, called love, down to a mere earthly phenomenon, to a some kind of social contract. You feel proud to show others, ‘This is my man’, ‘That is my girl’.

Love, in reality is a free feeling, the concept of loving a person without owning him/her. This is, in fact the true experience of freedom: “having the most important thing in the world without owning it” (Paulo Coelho). There is no bonding, except that of a heart, which is again nothing but freewill. There is no place of commitment, possession, need, betrayal or jealousy. It’s not a habit, a commitment, or a debt. It’s like a flowing river, which is, if you try to trap, will only be stagnant.

When you love someone this way, unconditionally, where your only concern is the peace and happiness of your loved one without expecting anything in return, it can take you fly above near God. Your romantic love reaches the height and depth of spiritual love. You don’t try to trap her or possess her. You know you love her without any reason. You are always there to speak for the sake of your loved ones, and you are also ready to keep mum a lifelong for the happiness of your loved ones. You don’t mind separation of a lifetime if that can bring a single smile to her lips. It doesn’t matter to you what she thinks about you, whether she loves you or not, when, even her cool indifference does not make your heart any less warmer towards her. You meet or part, it doesn’t make any difference; you know there is always a bond between you two, something above all earthly affairs/relationships, something invisible, that have not been imposed upon, something that has existed there from zero to eternity, a connection of soul.

We all try to trap our love bird in the cage of a relationship, full of all it’s dos and don’ts, where love loses its glory and becomes a mere ritual. We just fail to realize that it’s the freedom, the energy of her wings which actually thrills us, not her mere physical presence inside a cage. Trust me, if you love the bird, set it free, let it fly of the far off mountains. If it’s meant to be yours, it will be back. And if it goes beyond your horizon and doesn’t return, perhaps it was not meant to be yours.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


After her Bronze Medal In the London Olympics, I have always wanted to meet her to tell her about my youtube campaign last year 2012 on the Valentine Day [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg_bOwmJBYQ ] which scored the highest no. of views in my youtube channel and Destiny brought us together without any appointment

In this short life, we meet some souls out of the billions...n We are never sure when We ll meet them again... Some leaves with memories and some with lessons to learn.