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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Meetei Mayek ( The Original Manipuri Script ) 
Hello :: Khurumjari
Thank you  :: Yamna nungaijare/ Thagatchari
Thank you very much : Hainingai Leitana Thagatchari
Good Bye :: Chatcharage
How are you? :: Noong_ngai_biribra adombo?
Fine :: Noongaijari 
Welcome :: Lengsinbirak_oo
I love Manipur :: Ei Manipur nungshi

I like Manipur :: Ei Manipur pamjei 
Do you love Manipur :: Adom Manipur nungshibara? 
You are my friend :: Adom eigi marup_ni 
Manipur is beautiful :: Manipur phajei
Hearty congratulations :: Thakatchari 
You are beautiful :: Nangshe phajei 


My name is Thoithoibi :: Eigi ming Thoithoibi kou_ee
I am a teacher :: Ei 'teacher' (oja) oi
I am from Ukhrul :: Ei Ukhrul dagi_nee
Happy to meet you :: Adomga oo_najabada yamna nungaijare
Yes :: Hoi / OU 
No :: Natte
Sorry, I am late :: Saobiganu, ei thengkhare

What is your name? :: Adomgi ming kari koubage?
How do I go there? :: Aduda karam haina chatkani?
How much is this? :: Asi kaya pibage?
Where is your house? :: Adomgi yum kadaida leibage?
Where is the nearest police station? :: Khwaidagi nakpa 'police station' kadaida leibage?
Where can I go for shopping? :: Pot_chei leifam kadaida leibage?
Could you help me? :: Adombu ei mateng pangbiba ngamgadara?
What are you doing? :: Adom kari toubiribage?
Would you like to join me for lunch? :: Adom eiga chak chaminakhrasi 
How do I go to airport? :: 'Airport'_ta karam_na chatkani?
What are the tourist spots around? :: Asida kari kari yengfam leibage? 
Where shall we meet? :: Eikhoi kadaida oo_nasige? 
Was there a call for me? :: Eigi 'call' lak_khibara?
Where can I make a phone call? :: 'Phone' toufam kadaida leibage?
What happened : Kari Toure?
What's Up : Keidourige / Keidourambano ?


I want to go to university :: Ei 'university' da chatning_nge
I have lost my way :: Ei lambi mang_nare
Go straight ahead :: Chumdring chatlo 
Go to the left :: Oi_da chatlo
Go to the right :: Yet_ta chatlo
Go to the opposite :: Maiyok_nabaduda chatlo


Please :: Chanbiduna
I will come back :: Ei amuk lakchage
I want it :: Ei madu pam_me
I don't want that :: Ei adum pam_de
This is good :: Mashi fei
Let us go :: Eikhoi chatlasi
Come tomorrow :: Hayeng lak_oo
Get me a glass of water :: Eesing 'glass' ama pibi_oo
I want to try again :: Ei amuk hotnajage
I'll meet you in the evening :: Horen numidang_wairam oo_nase
Please wait untill I am back :: Ei laktri faoba ngaibiram_oo
The weather is pleasant :: Nungshit-nungsha yamna fei
Drive slowly :: Tapna thou
Pack these things :: Pot-chei_se yomsiloo
I am busy :: Ei thabak chil-le 

I = Ei
He = Mahag
She = Mahag
You = Nahag/ adombu(with respect)
This = Mashi
That = Mado
A = Ama
Come = Laklo
Came = Lakle
pliz come = Lengsinbirak u
Open = Haangdoklo
Opened = Haangdokle.
Will open = Haangdokani
Sit = Phammu.
Walk = Chatlu.
Eat = Chaarro
Drink = Thaklo
Win = Kaarro
Go = Chatkharo
Run = Chello
I want to go = Ei chatlage
He goes = Mahak chatle
He eats an apple = Mahak apple ama chare
He is eating an apple = Mahak apple ama charamme.
He ate an apple = Mahak apple ama chakhare.
I saw the film last week = Eihak film adu mamangi chaironda yaingkharre.
She came by bus yesterday = Mahak busda ngarang lakhare.
They went to the mosque = Makhoi mosque da chatlui.
He slept the whole night = Mahak nungdang chuppa tummi.
He wrote well in the examination = Mahak parikha  phazana eiramkhi.
He has eaten = Mahak chakhare
He will eat = Mahak chagadouri.
He will go = Mahak chatkadouri.
He will come = Mahak lakkani.
What is your name? = Nanggi Ming Kari Kouyye ?
What did you do? = Nangna Kari Touribra?
What should I do? = Ei Kari tou Hairino ?
What can I do? = Ei Kari tou Jougge ?
What are the questions? = Kari Kari Wahangno ?
What were the questions? = Kari Kari Wahangnone ?
What is the last question? = Aroiba Wahangdo Karino?
What is written in the letter? = Chitthida Kari eigge ?
What you had been told? = Nangonda kari hiramgge ?
What will be the answer? = Paokhum kari oidonno?
Why did you come? = Nahak karamkanda lakke ?
Why did you sleep? = Nahak Karamkanda Tumgge ?
Why did you tell him to go? = Nahakna Karigino mahakpu chatlo hairibra ?
Why did he bring the bag? = Mahakna  karigge bag adu purageino?
Why did she pay the money? = Mahagna paisa karigge pirino?
Why did they sit there? = Makhoi kariggi assida phamlibano?
Why do you drive the car? = Nahak karigge car thourino?
Why are they late for the meeting? = Makoi meetingda kariggi thenglibano?
How did you come? = Nakoi karamna lakpano?
How did you sleep? = Nahak karamna tumge?
How did you drive? = Nahak karamna gari thourino?
How did you write? = Nahak karamna eegge?
How many apples are there in your hand? = Nangge nakhutta apples kayam leige ?
How many did you take? = Nahakna kayam lougge?
How much did he pay you? = Mahakna nungonda kayam piramgge ?
How much distance to go?’ = Kayam laplige?
How was the journey yesterday? = Ngarang journey kamdouge?
Which way did you come? = Kadomdage lakke ?
Which is your favourite colour? = Nahakki apamba machu karino?
In which room did you sleep? = Karamba kada tumgge?
Which story did you tell? = Nahak Kari Wari lige hairino?
Which is the sweetest fruit? = Khwaidagi thumba hai Karino?
Which is the best newspaper in Hindi? = Khwaidagi Phaba  Hindi Khabar karino?
Which Indian state has the largest population? = Karamba Bharatki rajya mishing khayaidagi yamgge?
Where did you come from? = Nahag karaidagino?
Where did you sleep? = Nahag kadaida tumgge?
Where is the manager’s cabin? = Managergi cabin kadomdano?
Where should I go? = Kadaomda chatkadoino?
Whom should I contact? = Kanabu contact toudono?
Is it a book? = Mashibu laierikla?
It is a book = Mashi lairikni
Is it the answer? = Mashibu poukhumla?
It is the answer = Mashi poukhumni.
Will you come with me? = Nahag eigga lakkadra?
I shall come with you. = Eihag nunga lakke.
Will you give me your pen? = Nangi kalam adu waizage?
Yes, of course. = Yaiye , waibiyo.
Do you love me? = Nang eibu nungsibra?
Yes, I love you.= Eina nangbu nungsi.
Can you give me your pen? = Nahaggi kalam adu amukta waizage?
Can you lift the box? = Masigi box asi thangatpa ngambra?
Can you write the exam? = Nahag parikha thaba ngamgadra?
Did you have your lunch? = Nahag lunch chaba ngamgadra?
How are you? = Nahag kamdourige ?
I am fine = Eihag nungairiye/ Nungairi


  1. Thank you!!! This is so helpful ^_^

  2. Have you taken food what we will say that in mainpuri

    1. Chak Charabra? (Informal) / Adom Chak Chabirabra (formal)?

  3. How do we say "Have a good day darling"?

    1. There is no manipuri sentence so nuance or exactly similar to "have a good day" but it can translated as " Afaba/Yaifaraba Numit ama oiyu". Hence, people usually wish " Have an awesome/good/fabulous day, Nungshiba ". Nungshiba/Nungshithoiba meaning Darling. Hence, putting them together, it will be like " YAIFARABA NUMIT AMA OIBIYU, NUNGSHIBA"

  4. Replies
    1. Ningol Chakkouba is one of the biggest festivals of Manipuri particularly the Meetei community where in brothers invite their married sisters at their natal home for a big lunch. After the lunch, exchange of gifts, sweets and blessings take place. Here is the details : http://www.e-pao.net/epSubPageExtractor.asp?src=leisure.EI.A_Ningols_Chakouba_Wish

  5. I want to know the meanning of this word "nungairebro"

    1. "Nungairebro" means "Are you happy?" basically asking "How are you?". It is an informal use for "What up? " :)

  6. Nice, keep it up!.. By the way, I think there's a small typo there - My name is Thoitonbi :: Eigi ming Thoithoibi kou_ee ; the names are different.

    1. Thank you for pointing out the mistake. looking forward...

  7. How do i say "you are looking good" in manipuri

  8. Manipuri pick up lines please?

  9. 1.what do u mean by eidi nangbu nungsi ???
    2.what do u mean by eidi pamde ??

    1. 1. I love you
      2. But I don't like you

  10. Keigi means?? Meaning of Kari injung chadoino....please...

    1. Keigi means Why. Kari Enjang Chadoino means What should we have for lunch / Dinner?