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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Manipur and its Sports

It is just that Manipuri Players are being bought by other states.

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In the 34th Indian National Games ,
Though Manipur(118 medals) was placed second with
Services (162 medals) on Top of the list,
the total number of medals won by
Manipuris playing for different states and
the Services put together was 249.

35 Manipuri players won medals for Services,
17 of them won medals for Jharkhand,
11 for Delhi, 6 for Kerala, 34 for Madhya Pradesh
, 2 for Uttar Pradesh,
one for Karnataka, two for Andhra Pradesh,
21 for Assam, two for Orissa, one for Bihar and 48 gold, 37 silver, 33 bronze , 118 in total for Manipur.