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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Birthday of 2013

Born as an Archer with the legs of a horse on a Sunday sitting on a Jupiter, I knew that it was a Special Sunday with December 8 and Sunday falling on the same line .
I woke up by my sweet sis' Rezie Wahengbam Call wishing me with an apology that she wasn't allowed to use the phone in her hostel to call me at midnight.
It was early in the morning 6 O'clock perhaps, I start strolling on the road in Vijaynagar all alone. It seems to me that my soft corner which was asleep for a long time has just woke up. I begin to see the way the newspaper waala accurately hurls his newspaper on each doors even if its 4th floor. I begin to see the way the street cows live in the mercy of the old guy who comes with chapatis in a scooter early in the morning.
I went to Brook Lyns place and asked him to join me for a warm cup of tea at Patel chest. There, I saw this Hyna(Inset pic) without one leg waking up early and flying around to pick up the remains of crumbled puris from the tea stall. I noticed she was healthier than the other lazy hynas with both legs.
There , while having tea we fixed the appoinment to visit an Orphanage with eatables at Civil Lines. I was shocked when I was strictly advised to bring anything but not sweet cakes for the children. The sisters in the orphanage were sure that the children will cry for the same type of cake the next day if they are made to know the taste.
The thought of whether the Children will be happy to see us without sweet cake troubled my mind. I was also sad with the thought whether they won't be able to taste sweet cakes for life. Thinking all this, I moved to DBF Church for Sunday Service. Exalted singing the Gospel with Danny Khawas with the line " Beautiful one I Love, Beautiful One I adhore, beautiful one my soul must sing " and Pastor Ranjit Davids preaching on Kingdom.
The time had come for us to visit the Orphange. All thanks to my fellas Babina Chabungbamand Brooklyn to accompany me. I was moved by the way the children were excited seeing the balloons we took, apart from the eatables. I still remember that little gal who kissed me on my cheek after having sung a birthday song for me. It was hard to say good bye.
Evening sets in with the calls of my frenz families getting ready for the Birthday Dinner. I can't forget the support of my Konsam sisters che Biseswari Konsam and others. da Basanta Meitei My Pirates fellas... My four formidable roomie bros ... not to forget the cake of our sweet neighbours 
Ranging from the beautiful post of Ishita Gupta n Manisha Singh n Akshita Agarwal and quite heart touching message of Bhuvana Jagan.. Calls of Maayaas Pradhan sis Bhanisana Rajkumari fella Monica Thoudam Bem Sinam Rahul Ningthoujam ... Manas Mohapatra late post... gifts... cards.. and many more..ritika..angel.. niru... n uncountable inbox, whatsapp and messages. Apologies if I haven't replied you individually. I had one of the best Birthdays.
THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH ME. I am really lucky to have met you all in this short life.

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