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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

With a Childhood Hero

Growing up from a Military School, I always had a fascination of the Defence Chiefs of the Country.  Well, an Arunachali would easily identify his red and black striped waist Coat. This Particular General Who inspired me was the way in which he built his life in such a manner that he is proud to present it in front of everyone in his beautiful autobiography called a Soldier’s General.

He is non-other than his Excellency General J J Singh, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, the first Sikh to head the army  serving as the Governor Of Arunachal Pradesh

Lucky was I to be invited to escort him in his Book Signing Session of his Autobiography “ A Soldier’s General” wherein I got to talk to him for about 3 hours. I was overwhelmed in the way he held up North-East India in his words  The Gateway to the Pan South-East Asia.
I cannot forget the moment he scolded his gaurds who were pushing the crowd to make the way for the General. His words “ Kisi Ko Haat Mat Lagana “ touched me in the way this General deals with common people.

Sharing his personal life to me, he said
 “ Rocky, I am worried about Your Junior”
“My Junior, Who? Sir “

“Arey, James Kalengto of Sainik School Pungalwa, Please tell him to study Hard”
I was impressed in the way he also wants to be a good father to his son amidst his towering schedules.

Well, This James, A naga Orphan adopted by this General is loved by him more than his blooded son.

In my stay with him for 3 hours, He was sharing the achievements of North-East India to whomsoever he met. He also narrated why he is chosen to represent India in the ASEAN Conference and how North-East plays an important role for India to be a part of ASEAN

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