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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Mathel Lukoi ( Manipuri Cuisines )

    1. Yen- Thongba - Manipuri Chicken Curry - Chicken Manipuri                                                                        Style

|2. Chicken parts Ngouba - Manipuri Chicekn fried Chicken parts

3. Yen Ngouba- Chicken Fry - Manipuri Kabui style

4. Rohu Atoiba Thongba - Manipuri Fish Curry

                                            5. Manipuri Fish Curry

6. Yen + Nga Ayaiba- Smoked Chicken Manipuri style

                     7. Smoked Prawn and Fish - Manipuri style

8. Nga Kouta Thongba - Tin Fish Curry

9. Laphu Eromba 

10. Sarei + Yongchaak Eromba

11. Laiwa Eromba

12. Soidon Soibum and Ngapai Thongba

13. Tharoi Kanghou

14. Salad Mixed

15. Salad

16. Maroi Bora

17. Morok Bora

                                                           18. Paaknam

19. Hawaijaar Metpa

20. Thangjing + Hawaijaar Metpa

21. Thangjing Metpa

22. Maroi + Aloo Aber Chaibi Kanghou

23. Manipuri Ooooooh-Morok - King Chilly

24. Pumpkin Chamfut

25. Singju Mayaan- Singju Ingredients

                                                          26. Keithel Singju

27. Lafu singju 

28. Kihom Metpa _ Pineapple salad

29. Cheng Kabok Asuba or Ahaabi/ Fried Rice Mixer


1. Fry the raw rice or peas. You can get the fried peas from the market which they fried using a special type of sand(Leingoi Chochorbi). Take care not to fry the rice too dark. Using a ladle made up of a chunk of clean clothes tied on a stick will help in equal distribution of heat.
2. Grind them while it is warm in a grinder or manual Pod & Pestle.
3. Fry or Roast some fermented fish (Ngari in Local dialect) along with the Chillies.
4. Then mix them together. Grind the Ngari n Chillies with Fried rice along with some salt for proper mixing.
5. Now after putting some onions and Coriander, the Cheng Kabok is ready for serving. For better results, use young shoots of cabbage or any other green leafy vegetables to eat with it.

Credit: My sister Rezia

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  1. Who says our state is poor?!, with the rich culture and diversified flora and fauna, and variants of cuisines I am indeed proud to be born as a Meitei, Manipuri.