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Sunday, 26 October 2014

DELHI MELLEI and Its Impact

The Tagline "Based on the lives of North-east people" is a way of spreading a propaganda - a way of coloring the whole North-east folks with such crimes and Misdeeds. The word " people" there has a lot of Connotations. Don't make it look like a documentary. A movie should be a work of Fiction. It would have been easily done with a tagline " Based on the life of a North-East Girl" or something !!!

Would You say Eche Binalakshmi Nepram who grew up in Delhi University indulge in such activities? Arnab Goswami, The Great Indian Debator, Editor of Times Now, student of Hindu College from Assam North East was a profound student while in Delhi University. The Meetei First IAS officer of Manipur pabung Falguni Rajkumar is from Hindu College. and lot many can be mentioned who did very well in life.

To this above post on facebook, one person from production team replied as follows :

"That's a good ideas of yours that you come up with this point! Great mind! 

But do you ever tried to know the story line of the movie? Do you ever tried to know the messages given in the movie? How far do you know that this film/movie is going to put up or down the people of north east in Delhi before you watch or experience the movie at all?

And above all, the production team has been planning to review the movie along with all the NE civil/students organisation in delhi before showing to the public so as to check any faulty message given in the film!

So, don't you find a bit odd giving such a comment before you are invited for a review or someting like that or before you do not know anything about the storyline of the movie?

And instead of giving a suggestion or anything like that, your comment seems like threatening the production team for a ban to some extend. So my question is... with what authority are you with? May I invite you and your authority for a review this last week?

We have known to each other since past two years boy...! If such comment are to be given, I woud rather prefer your inbox rather than such an open platform! Because I know you have a very high social status just as we do!  " 


As I reply to the above comments ....

" With the first glance of your Official Teaser, the gist or the underlying meanings of the movie can be clearly seen. Truely, The Small manipuri society is concerned with great minds being drained away through marriage to other communities to some extent, but there are ways to show it. 

Please invite all the feminists from LSR, Miranda House and JNU for the review instead. The movie seems to be projected against the feminist crusade of eliminating Societal injustice of patriarchy - their fight against Delhi Mindset of thinking North-easterners as "prostitutes" or "loose characters" whatever. The year long struggle of shifting the mindset of thinking the North-east to be same as Some Nepali ladies, people find in GB Road is undone.

First of all, This is a land governed by rule of law. We are not living in a canibalistic unorganised lawless society. What authority Do I require when the Law itself is backing me up. What you have done by putting the tag is nothing but Violation and Infringement into private lives against Right to Personal Liberties. The law will take its own course as there are enough people against this tagline. 

Secondly, You seek permission to use someone's work, music, photography, etc. Do you SEEK PERMISSION FROM Every North East Folks to make a Movie on their Lives ? That's Outright Plagiarism and You have no right to project their lives in any way without prior permission. 

Thirdly, NE people living in Delhi are not just students. There are people working and doing Many other things than just studying. If your movie portrays about a Delhi University girl, its okay. But what about the lives of people not associated with Delhi Universities? Do you take their lives into account? 

Fourthly, When Many Civil Organisation are working on the upliftment of women to a stature of greater heights? What is the benefits of showing to the world the degrading grey areas? What will the world speak of us? Will the works of these organisations to eliminate such mainland prejudices of taking NE girls to be " loose" or "easy" seems to be easily undone here? 

All I am expecting is a bad outcome when women are projected in such a manner when we all have to work on to build a good image for them to have a better respectable niche in our society. 

By just not projecting the problem which exist around. I hope the movie gives an innovative inspiring solution to the issue which is seen by everyone and has been kept quiet. 

Looking forward to a great movie from great young innovative minds like you which can help shape to a better society at large " 

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