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Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Months back, I have been slammed by few for tarnishing the College in front of the media regarding NEtym 2014 for quoting “We organized this annual festival by our own collective efforts and contributions with sponsorship from our alumni. We want our college to support us financially however there were no contributions being made from the college authority ,” said Rocky Wahengbam, head of the organizer and a student of Hindu College, while speaking to TNT.
The media asked me two questions. First one was " How do you people gather the finances involved with organizing such a big festival?' Second one was " Doesn't the college help you financially?" My answer was a plain "NO". Few people have accused me for projecting a bad image of the college in the media on the pretext that the College provided us the Auditorium and moral Support. Some people even blamed me saying " The college at least provided the NE society with 1000 bucks, What was the need for telling the public that The college did nothing? " My reply is " First of all, Hindu College is a Public Govt. Institution. Do you really think 400+ North east people in the College deserve just 1000 bucks? Don't you think the College should be fair to everyone? "
Here, On the eve of the elections I want to make myself very clear that I am not antagonistic towards the college administration or the Parliament. But it was the fact/truth I have spoken to the media. Hence, I have decided never to edit the news item by sending a letter to the "tnt magazine" though I have been pressed by some to do the same.
I am really upset about the stake of the 400+ Northeast Population in Hindu College Parliament. The College providing the Auditorium is the moral duty of the college of having a prominent society called NE Cell. But sanctioning just Rs. 1000 for the North East festival is unjust and discrimination according to me when the College sanctions Rs. 10 lacs for Mecca( The College charges Rs. 200 from each student in its tuition fees for its festival and there are almost 5000+ students in the college) . In other words, just 0.1 % for the North-east population from the college festival budget, to me its nothing but discrimination.
Hence, Its time for the Hindu College Parliament to wake up and do justice for the same in the budget session of the upcoming Cabinet and sanction the amount which the North-east should be entitled to. The Vote Bank of the North-est in the College belong to the person who will look into this with serious analysis. And Lastly, don't tag me as a traitor of the college. I am equally a hinduite as You but I had to blow the whistle for what is unjust.

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