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Friday, 30 May 2014

Vacation in Manipur

1st Day at Home

Me: Maa, why is there no light?

Maa : Ibobi is punishing the people because Modi has formed the Govt. without his consent !

2nd Day at Home

Me : Maa, why is there no light again?

Maa : I heard, one turbine and generator at Loktak project is not working. We might not get electricity for a month or so...

My dream of world cup just fade away and I start to curse myself for not buying those solar panels from Delhi.

Uncle : Keino hey, eikhoi Manipur gi light sidi loktak project teisu natte. Yurembam dei ni ! Loktak project ki electricity di Assam da yonabani.

Then, I heard everyone shouting loud rejoicing... thats how i know there was light again.

Me : keino maa, nangna thaa ama mei laak oi haaidaine

Maa: Khangjadreda, meena haainabei haaibani

My sister: Noi waari sidi pura MUSALA Taihey !

Me : kei haaiba?

My dad : hahaha

My bro : Umm, ahangi waada heipa saanu namaido Monotonous saani : P

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