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Friday, 2 November 2012

AFSPA and SHARMILA - The Dark Side of Indian Democracy

AFSPA and SHARMILA - The Dark Side of Indian Democracy

Q:Do U know Katrina Kaif ?

Ans:Y not? very cute sexy charming girl...the barbie doll

Q:Do U know Kareena Kapoor?

Ans: Arey yaar ... She just got married to Saif Ali Khan Right?

Q:Do U know Who is She(inset photograph)?

Ans:haaaan..........once saw her in news but don't know.....

This is our LIFE

I can't blame you because even the media ignore her. Who cares about the North-East with few population in this Democracy which is a Magic of Numbers?

Now this is for the people who want to lend me a few minutes of their lives to hear the story of a Lady fasting against the EXPLOITATION of basic Human Rights, the Right to LIFE.
She is non other than Irom Chanu Sharmila, the only remaining voice of the voiceless ....has been fasting for the past 11 years...(the Indian Govt. giving liquid food through her nose for 11 yrs ) and Today she is Completing 12 Years of Fast.

Can you go without food for a day?

She has not eaten a morsel of food, or drunk a single drop of water since November 2, 2000 when ten civilians were allegedly shot and killed by the Assam Rifles while waiting at a bus stop in a place called Malom at Imphal Valley - one of them a pregnant woman and another a National Bravery Awardee of 1988 nor is she allowed to meet any family members.

She is fasting in Protest in the Indian State of Manipur. Her Demand "The Draconian Law Armed Forces Special Powers Act of 1958" must go to free everyone from fear. This very act gives the INDIAN ARMY the ultimate power to shoot anyone on mere Suspicion and violates the very Article 21 of the Indian Constitution " The Right to Life".

Today, A Gandhian and A Modern day satyagrahi is a high security Prisoner in Imphal Booked under "ATTEMPT TO SUICIDE" under section 309 of Indian Penal Code whereas Anna Hajare is celebrated as the National Hero.

This Iron Lady of Manipur weighs just 37 kg. Most of her body vital organs are wasted. Her menstrual cycle has stopped. The Indian State has kept her alive on a cocktail of Vitamins n Nutrients forced fed twice a day through a nasal pipe !!!

This Unmatched Saga of a Relentless Soul has captured the attention of the UN terming the law as the violation of all Possible Human Rights but not the Indian State. This sister of Manipuris has stopped receiving any awards and took a resolute stand to FAST TILL DEATH untill and unless this very Act is removed.

Calculating this 12 years into days, hours and seconds would exhaust my brain. How painful would have been for her to bear this very bits of seconds passing day by day?
Oh You talk of India as the Largest Democracy !!! If the largest democracy in the world does not even respect the meaning of Democracy by enforcing such laws even after 65 years of Independence. Is it better than the then Colonial British or any other military junta under a Dictator ?

Oh You mean the Indian Law treats everyone equally under the basic principle of Equality in the Preamble !!! Don't you dare talk about equality when different laws are employed for North East Indians and J&K by treating them as Second Class Citizens !!!

Wow, You call it the Land of Gandhi !!! He fought for the People and he is known as Mahatma and a symbol of non-violence. A woman is fighting for the people but she is arrested and kept in jail claiming her that she wants to suicide. What a shame !!!

An unlawful act passed to curb Insurgency has instead aggravated the situation when blood brothers are killed with no good reasons and sisters being raped by the powers of this act. Justice Jeevan Reddy Committee formed...approved that its unlawful... But still we can see this law destroying lives on the ground.

The cries of the widows and the children whose husbands/fathers have been killed or fake encountered... No one really cares.

12 Years: Government changed, PM Changed, President changed.. but no one really cared... Is it because she is a WOMAN? Is it because she comes from the remotest part of the Nation???
"NO LONGER A PROUD INDIAN " - Says Every Soul affected by AFSPA

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  1. It is terrible that such a brave lady's sacrifices have been deliberately ignored by the state apparatus. While India offers many opportunities, shadows have been cast on these stories, just swept under the carpet.

    This is wrong.

    Utterly disgusted, and my prayers are with this brave lady.

    Hope she lives to see her dreams come true and the people of Manipur live the peaceful lives every citizen of India should be guaranteed.